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Remember to share details about supervisor, environment, effective communication, respect and goals.

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Welcome, Bob! We're glad to have you here.
Could you tell us more aboutwhat does an ideal team, supervisor, and work environment look like to you?

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An ideal team, supervisor, and work environment entail effective communication, muntual respect, clear goals, opportunities for growth, a collaborative atmosphere, and a balance blend of autonomy and guidance.

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Meetslay it's not ready-made answers

This is the assistant during the meeting. It will remind you of the key issue regarding the response, but it won't provide ready-made answer. That you need to provide on your own.

Use cases


Speech can be stressful due to the fear of Speech in front of an audience and being the center of attention. The pressure to deliver information effectively and maintain the audience's interest can cause anxiety and nervousness. Moreover, the fear of making mistakes or forgetting important points adds to the stress of Speech.

An unexpected meeting

unexpected meeting can be stressful because it catches us off guard, disrupting our usual plans and routines. It introduces an element of uncertainty, leaving us unprepared mentally and often lacking the necessary information or materials. This sudden change can trigger feelings of anxiety as we worry about presenting ourselves well, addressing the topic at hand, and making a positive impression, all while grappling with the pressure of spontaneity.


Any meeting transcripts you create with belong to you and are not stored by us.
We do not save them, but only send the anonymous fragment to prepare suggestion.


If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our team.

No, we and third parties do not store any data related to meetings and answer suggestions.

We do not record or store the audio. The transcript is converted to text on the fly.

No, but please remember to inform all meeting participants that you are using Meetslay.

No. We are using enterprise APIs, which is different from ChatGPT.

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